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Padme Awaiting Anakin in her "Sunrise" dress.

� Padme Amidala has many well as outfits and hairstyles

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away....Padme's Outfits!

Padme Amidala (A.K.A. Queen Amidala, Senator Amidala, Wife, Mother, Friend, Sister, and Daughter) has a lot of styles. She was almost always seen in a traditional modes of dresses and make-up that was designed to express her commitment to maintaining Naboo's cultural history, and her role within it. Her red throne-room gown was hand-stitched with gold embroidery and a series of illuminated sein jewels just above the robe's wide, potolli-furred hem. In addition to this gown, Amidala commonly wore an ornate gold faceframe, including the prominent Jewel of Zenda, and had her hair combed over a padded form. She also wore white nail polish during her times as Queen, one of the few traditions she retained from her home village.

Coruscant Apartment Gown: When meeting with Naboo's Senator, Padmé wore a crimped mauve gown under a stiff, turquoise dress with intricate patterns. Over this was a light gray robe held together with a wide, embroidered sash. The sleeves of the robe were wide and somewhat stiff, with curling needlework along the sides.A Shiraya fan headdress adorned her head, and was hung with Veda pearl beading and glass filaments.

Galactic Senate Gown: While addressing The Galactic Senate on Coruscant, Queen Amidala wore an extraordinary gown that expressed the majesty of Naboo finery. The underdress was a glossy bright red, with a high collar decorated with ornate gold stitchwork and dangling beads. She wore a maroon cloak over this, with intricate orange hems decorated with fine needlework. The shoulders and bottom of the dress were smocked in a crimson fabric, and lined from above with a golden, triple-braided soutache. The remainder of the cloak was stitched with embossed rosettes, and sported long, billowing sleeves.[2][3] Above this she wore a dark, thick, faux fur cloak with wide, exaggerated shoulders. To complement this gown and to make her more visible in the vast chamber, Amidala's hair was dressed in a wide arc centered by an escoffiate headpiece with golden hairbands to keep her hair's shape. This arc was decorated with dangling orichalc suspensas capped with golden hairtip ornaments. The medal of the Royal Sovereign of Naboo served as the centerpiece of this elegant hairstyle. The voluminous and imposing gown also hid the Queen's feelings and helped her remain courageous and aloof, despite the overwhelming odds and the heated atmosphere.[3]

Foreign Residence Gown. This dark, somber dress was adopted by Amidala during her stay in Senator Palpatine's quarters on Coruscant, following the Invasion of Naboo. The black gown was befitting of the gravity of her situation, and served to subtly acknowledge Amidala's separation from her people.[2] The fluffy, black, Cyrene silk gown was accented with beaded emblems over 240 years old that once adorned a former Queen's gown.[3] The dress possessed a high collar and reached down to brush the floor. The large sleeves were triangular in shape, and within them was a smaller sleeve. The sleeves were lined with a dark, lustrous, Prussian blue material. Her hair was arranged in a fan shape with a prominent foreknot and small suspensas. The foreknot was done in an intricate fashion, with her hair rippling like small beads. It was capped with a golden hairtip ornament, with a single, disc-shaped bead dangling from it, which rested against her forehead.[2] This hairstyle and costume, except in white, returned near the ignition of the Clone Wars when Padmé's decoy, Cordé, wore a similar robe when she died from Zam Wesell's assassination attempt on Senator Amidala's life.[6]

Traveling Gown. For her return trip to Naboo after calling for a Vote of No Confidence in The Galactic Senate, Queen Amidala wore a glossy purple dress under a dark mauve-hued overcoat. Her dark purple skirt was full and ruffled. The cerlin sleeves were lustrous and very full and billowy, almost completely hiding Padmé's arms. She wore part of her hair in two full buns at the top of her head, and the rest hung down into her headpiece. This antique tiara was made of gold and rested on her forehead. Her hair was covered in a purple, semi-opaque chersilk hair veil, and the hair which hung down was contained in sack-like extensions made of the same material. They were decorated with ribbons which crisscrossed around them.[2][5]

Naboo Victory Celebration Parade Gown: With The Trade Federation defeated and Naboo free once more, a celebration was held outside The Theed Royal Palace, which Queen Amidala attended. During the celebration, she wore a luminous white ceremonial gown. The silky outfit included a kind of banner that hung from her low neckline. Over this, she wore a cape decorated with myriad silken petals.[2] These petals were designed after flowers found near Padmé's home village, which bloomed only once every eighty-eight years, and so signified a time of special celebration. The petalled cape and long white gown was topped by an aurate fan capped with jeweled finials was commonly used to signify continuity in ancient Naboo fashion. She also wore a delicate royal diadem, and, for simplicity, wore minimal jewelry.[3] Her hair was drawn up into a unique bun with five crescents in a star shape along the back of her head, and she wore small, white, pointed-toed shoes.[2] The plain white gown signified her and her people's pure happiness at Naboo's newfound peace.[3] The dress also echoes the outfit her daughter would wear during the celebration on Yavin IV.[7]


Handmaiden dress. In times of trouble, Queen Amidala was known to use one of her handmaidens as a decoy, while she herself adopted the role of Padmé, an unassuming aide to the Queen. In doing so, she wore the simple robes sported by her retinue of handmaidens.[2] These hooded gowns were tinted with spectra-fade dye, and made from soft trevella cloth.[5] These gowns were dyed from orange at the hood to bright yellow at the lower hem. The underdress was of bright red, which showed through the full, slit sleeves of the trevella gown. Also, the bright red peeked out once more as a bill-like hood, which shadowed the face of the wearer. The dress was capped off with a red sash. The handmaidens wore a variant on the trevella-cloth design, most notably worn during Amidala's address to the Galactic Senate on Coruscant prior to the Battle of Naboo. These dark-red, hooded robes were decorated with the royal insignia, and the wide cowl served to mask the appearance of the wearer—ideal for those times when Amidala needed to travel incognito.[2]

Peasant disguise. While on Tatooine following her escape from the Trade Federation on Naboo, Padmé Amidala wore the simple clothing of a farm girl, comprising a rough, blue blouse with full sleeves, with gray, rough-spun wrist bindings to keep out sand. This same fabric is used to make the smaller overshirt which reached down below her waist. This was tied with a blue belt inset by a red glass jewel of little value. Her billowy pants were black, as were her plain walking boots. Her hair was braided, with a braid traveling around the back of her head, a bun within the ring, and the rest of the braids running down her back to her waist.[3] This helped her blend in well with the hardened people of Mos Espa as they searched for a new hyperdrive for their Nubian starship.[2]

Pilot disguise. On her way back to Coruscant to place her vote in the Military Creation Act, Padmé disguised herself as a Naboo pilot and her handmaiden, Cordé, played her decoy. For her disguise she wore the typical tactical pilot suit of her people, with tight red pants and a black undershirt with a high collar. A brown, long-sleeved shirt was worn over it. A vest was worn over this, with a utility belt with the gold Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps emblem as a clasp. She also wore simple, brown tactical gauntlets and boots. Her hair was pulled back to keep it out of her face, done in several pony tails held in place by metal rings at various intervals.[6] Her burgundy helmet included an auto-encrypting comm unit, anti-glare goggles, and a supplementary oxygen hookup.[3]

Refugee dress. This costume disguised Padmé as a young matron from the Thousand Moons system The main part of the mustard-colored dress was a stiff upside-down cone that reached from her shoulders to her ankles. It was decorated with purple paisley designs with olive green leaves, and a feathery purple design running down the font, back, and sides. The bottom hem was decorated with a simple diamond design. On her shoulders she wore a kind of full-shouldered pauldron of the same mustardy color with an abstract floral design. Her loose sleeves were of a lighter, scalier material, and were drawn at the lower arm by a lower-arm band of the same design as the pauldrons. Her headpiece was made of a coppery metal with a tight skullcap with ridges running up into an intricate, fan-like crown. The headdress is made from orichalc metal, and the Flower of Life emblem decorates the crest in a continuous pattern. Under this piece was a length of mustard-colored fabric that looped under her face and wrapped around her neck. The headdress was sometimes covered by a golden lace veil. The veil was down when she departed Coruscant, up while traveling onboard the Jendirian Valley and down again as she traveled through Theed to meet with Queen Jamillia.

[edit] Action attire

Battle dress. When forced into battle against the Trade Federation, Queen Amidala adopted a light, maroon battle dress woven with energy-absorbing fibers to protect her against blaster fire. It featured a high collar that concealed a blast-absorbing pad, and the cloak was clasped in the front down to her waist. Her full sleeves were lined with fabric of a bright magenta. The shoulder seams were lined with a yellow fabric, and a calf-length coatskirt protected her legs.[2] She wore black pants with a black utility belt that was set with the Naboo royal emblem. High-traction tactical boots that went from dark purple to yellow as it approached her toes completed the outfit. She wore her hair pulled back into two half-crescent buns stacked one on top of each other, to keep her hair out of her way.[3] This battle dress was also sported by some of her handmaidens during their training.[5]

Padmé's handmaiden Sabé, disguised as the Queen during their meeting with Boss Nass, wore a more formal version of Padmé's battle dress.[9] This gown consisted of a long surcoat and a skirt made from blast-dampening fabric, cinched with a broad waistband.[3] Her hairstyle was kept simple, and the entire costume was designed for maximum freedom of movement. During the Battle of Naboo, Sabé fought her way through the Theed Royal Palace in this gown, and was able to draw attention away from the real Queen long enough for Padmé to resolve the conflict.[2]

Geonosis attire. Free of any political restraints, Padmé could wear more practical clothing on Geonosis. She wore a simple white jumpsuit and a tan utility belt with an off-white shawl, and sported an intricately looped hairstyle which kept her hair out of the way, thus preparing her for action. In addition, she wore a silver armband that signified her political service. Her tan-colored boots included light shin armor and a firm grip.[3]

Spy jumpsuit. Meant for quick action and maximum movement, this black jumpsuit with a low neckline was worn with gray boots and gloves with a matching gray utility belt. Gray stripes decorated the outer thighs of her suit, and her hair was done up in a twin-bun hairstyle.[10]

Ilum attire. On Ilum, Padmé wore a jumpsuit similar to that she wore on Geonosis, except with a hood. She also wore fur-laced combat boots and gloves along with a fur-trimmed cloak, also with a hood, that clasped at the neck. The jumpsuit was heated to keep her warm on the harsh landscape of Ilum. For protection, her outfit was made in white and light blue, to camouflage her against the landscape, wore a utility belt, and carried a blaster.[11]

Malevolence attire. Padmé was traveling to coordinates given to her by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to negotiate with a representative from the Banking Clan, but it was only a trap part of Palpatine's plot as Darth Sidious to lure her to the Malevolence during the ongoing space battle there to be taken as a hostage. The outfit consisted of a tan jumpsuit with a magenta vest with brown boots and fingerless gloves. Also on the upper left of the vest, she wore a Senatorial rank badge.[12] She wore a brown belt with a holster for her blaster. Her hair was drawn through small, oval shaped blue beads beginning where the hair left the head in three rows across, leaving room for gaps, with her hair down to her middle back.[13]

Rodia attire. During the Mission to Rodia, Padmé wore a white jumpsuit and tan utility belt virtually identical to the one she wore on Geonosis, including the silver political service armband. The difference was the shawl, which was purple in color and hooded with a face cover that left only her eyes visible. The utility belt included a holster for her ELG-3A blaster pistol.[12]

Hazmat Gear. During the Blue Shadow Virus Crisis on Naboo, Padmé wore a hazmat suit. The bio-hazrd gear was made out of a yellow material tasked with protecting the senator from any airborne virus that may be present. The suit is equiped with a helmet and air tubes to pump clean oxygen to the senator.[14]

[edit] Senator's attire before the Battle of Coruscant

Senator gown. Amidala wore this gown during her adress to the Galactic Senate two hours after she was almost assassinated. This dark blue velvet dress included a peek-a-boo panel of golden yellow, with the lapel and collar turned up. Connected to the either side of underside of the collar was a glossy, crimped scarf-like shawl that met at her mid-back, held together by a large, beaded ribbon. The ends drifted part as they reached her ankles. The full sleeves were tied off at the elbow, giving way to a drawn-up sleeve of lustrous material. The yellow panel was decorated with needlework, especially around the high collar, which was decorated with beads. The surcoat was embellished with large Naboo designs along the inner hem dine in light yellow thread, and the trim was a light shade of blue. Her hair was done in an intricate upside-down dual-fan shape, with a half-crescent bun in the back. She also wore a small jeweled diadem.[6]

Loyalist gown. Amidala wore this dress in Chancellor Palpatine's office after Zam Wesell attempted to assassinate the senator and in a session of the senate when she was confronted by Anakin Skywalker about the spying mission she had denied. For this outfit, Padmé wore a dark indigo bodice and skirt under a dark purple overcoat. The bodice was studded with beads and pearls along the low-cut neckline, and the front panel of the skirt was decorated with dark, beaded scrollwork, as were the sleeves. The overcoat was decorated with intricate swirls, almost resembling a river as it flowed down to touch the floor. The shoulders of the overcoat were flared and decorated with beads. The long sleeves were done in the same fabric as the overcoat, with a slit to show the sleeves of the bodice, with those full sleeves showing the smaller sleeves within them.[6] Her hair was in a style almost resembling a cone, held in place with a metal headpiece. It was a severe hairstyle, one which conformed to diplomatic etiquette. She also wore a neckband given to her by the Naboo Council.[3]

Packing dress. Amidala wore this in her apartment while packing her necessities for her trip to Naboo and eventually Tatooine. This outfit consisted of a light gray blouse with puff sleeves that were drawn tight at the upper arm to become long sleeves. Silver bands, four on each side, encircled the sleeves along the upper arm. The skirt was of a darker gray, and was pleated just so it rippled. Under this skirt she wore an uncomfortable blast-dampening underskirt. Over the blouse she wore a high-collared, double-breasted corset of a darker gray material. The front of the corset, where it overlapped, was decorated with fine embroidery, and within the corset was a light armor used for protection. Her hair was done in unique semi-crescent shaped buns on the sides of her head, and she wore a delicate headpiece made of embossed pieces of metal connected by tiny silver chains. The subdued colors of the dress expressed her grave mood. The corset of her dress was of light armor that doubled as protection.[6][3]

Imperial gown. Due to her public service both as Queen and as Senator, a large tapestry presenting Padmé was hung in the Imperial Palace in memorial to her. The dress she wore in the tapestry was made of a drapey white fabric. The sleeves were decorated with braids of gold along the sides, and were tied by a gold cord halfway up her lower arm. After the cord, the sleeves widened, and within that was another sleeve with gold embroidery along the hem. Her belt was white, with a layer of purple beneath it forming an edge around it and a piece of gold metalwork accenting the center. She also wore a pastel purple cape with a red stripe at the shoulders, and a gold braided chain along the neckline. It was clasped by an intricate gold pendant inset with a white jewel, with three pieces of metal dangling from it. She wore a necklace of gold chain centered by an embossed piece of metal. She wore her hair in a braided bun, and a delicate headpiece of gold. Gold earrings reminiscent of shells adorned her ears. The tapestry still hung in the Imperial Palace during the Thrawn campaign, where Padmé's son and daughter frequently passed it by, oblivious to the woman's identity.[15]

Meeting gown. This simple gown consisted of a light crimson low-cut dress with a dark brown overcoat. The slightly ruffled collar of this coat was stiff, high, and fan-shaped in the back. Her hair was done in a twin bun hairstyle.[10]

Presidential dress. When meeting with the President of Bri'ahl, Padmé wore a black undershirt that reached below her waist under a red blouse with gold trim along the hems. A swirl pattern was also done in this gold trim. The sleeves were loose but not wide, and the red skirt she wore was gently pleated. She also wore a dark red neckband. Her hair was done in two cones from the lower part of either side of her head. These were secured with a gold cylinder, and a small triangular gold diadem adorned her forehead.[16]

Farewell dress. Knowing that it would be a long while before she saw her husband again, Padmé was saddened when Anakin was assigned to leave for Muunilinst. When she bid him farewell, she wore a pastel pink, off-the-shoulder gown with a bodice decorated by crisscross diamond shapes; decorated along the bottom hem with intricate needlework capped by a full tassel. Her loose sleeves were made of a sheer material, with an intricate tassel dangling off the ends with pearls decorating the upper part. Her skirt was pleated and brushed the floor, with a feathery, fan-like trail reached the floor behind her. Her hair was tied up into two buns on each side of her head, done in a half-crescent, and held in place with a delicate, purple headpiece. She wore a diadem decorated with pearls.[11]

Yacht gown. This dress was very similar to her Loyalist gown, with a conical hairstyle held in place by a gold-colored metal headpiece, a neckband, and her dark purple attire. However, the dress was slightly different, with her blouse clasped together, decorated by a simple swirl motif and a lighter colored hem. Her undershirt was the same color as the blouse, and her sleeves were decorated very simply, with a stripe encircling the upper portion and a hem decorated with triangular embroidery. Her skirt, which was a color slightly lighter than her blouse, was crisply folded in wide pleats.[11]

Gift dress. This dress was almost symbolically resembled a stream in its color, flowing feel, and sheer white cape. The gown was a delicate light blue with rippled flared shoulders. It had a simple form-fitting top with light blue decorations and the light transparent cape was cut in a simple crescent shape. Her hair was done relatively simply, with two braids looping from before her ears to behind them, with a bun at the back of her head. On the back of this bun was a blue jewel-like hairclip.[11] This hairstyle is similar to the one worn by her daughter Leia during her stay on Bespin.[17]

[edit] Senator's attire after the Battle of Coruscant

Collared gown. When the Battle of Coruscant began unexpectedly, Padmé wore this blue dress. The underdress was a slinky light blue garment with a low neckline. Over this she wore an open royal blue coat with a wide lapel and simple motifs. The collar of this was a light blue, stiff and tall, resembling the petals of a flower. The hems of the wide sleeves were of stiff lace. Her hair was drawn back behind her head in a kind of bun then the remainder was pulled up into a pair of swirls above her head, accented with a small hair clip.[11]

Velvet cloak. She wore a simple purple dress almost completely covered by a rich, voluminous, dark purple robe that enfolded her almost completely. The underside of this cloak was decorated with a spotted pattern. This voluminous robe was designed to disguise her pregnancy, and, coincidentally, blended in fairly well with the shadow she hid in to meet Anakin.[18] She also sported a twin-bun hairstyle that originated in Naboo[19][3]; a hairstyle which her daughter would later mirror.[7] The dress also included a pair of heirloom suspensas.[3]

Delegation gown. Padmé wore a long, green dress during the meeting of the Delegation of 2000 in her apartment. The dress was somewhat conical in shape, which well disguised her pregnancy. The V-neck of the dress was accented with a small jeweled pendant with dangling beads. The dress had long, loose sleeves, and was decorated with intricate motifs. A wide purple sash was tied around her just above her swollen belly, adding a splash of color to the outfit. The dress also included a hood, which she frequently wore up. She had her hair down and curled when she called the meeting.[18]

Visiting attire. This beautiful outfit combined a range of fabrics and colors to bring together a unique look.[20] She wore an iridescent purple dress decorated with scrollery, especially as it neared the hem. The side of the dress was grayer, with swirling designs done in needlework, as were the sleeves. She wore a purple full-shoulder pauldron decorated with swirling designs, clasped with an umber-colored disc. Under this was a dark purple cape with scrollery around the edges. The collar was studded with beads, as were the ends of the inner sleeves. Her hair was done in a unique style, with small buns on each side and a small loop beneath each of them. An umber, jewel-studded headband completed the outfit.[18]

Peacock dress. She wore this billowy, somber dress when meeting with Chancellor Palpatine to discuss the conclusion that he had grasped and held on to too much power. The glossy dress was turquoise in color, shaped like an upside-down cone, and tightly folded in tiny pleats all around. It had a high collar which traveled far up her throat. The puff sleeves were drawn at the lower arm, and beads dangled from the cuff. Over this she wore a long, brown, layered vest that was somewhat triangular from the front, with a cape that went over her arms. Tassels hung off each point, and the entire coat was decorated in scrollwork done in ribbon. Her headdress was unique, shaped like a rectangle with an in-facing scalloped front. From the point back, centered on her forehead, was done with strings of coppery metal in serpentine swirls. The sides were done in a decorative yet simple style in a grayish metal with Padmé's hair done in myriad tight ringlets resembling strings of beads.[18]

Beaded gown. When Anakin further told Padmé of his uneasiness with the Jedi Council, she wore a purple dress with her hair down and curled. A simple pattern was found throughout the dress. It was decorated with a kind of belt made from black beads, centered around a large black jewel with dangling beads. She wore a matching necklace. Over this was a black lace housecoat.[18]

Senatorial gown. This was a very severe look for Padmé, a reflection of the news she heard at the Senate, when Palpatine announced the birth of the Galactic Empire. She wore a long, purple dress with the inside hems done a wide panel of light fabric and a wider panel of darker fabric. Another lighter purple traveled up her sides and made her puff sleeves, and her high collar was turned up. Over this she wore a stiff, mid-back cape that reached around her arms like pauldrons. The purple cloth had a decorative, ruffled top hem, and was clasped with two silver diamond-shaped clasps and one triangular clasp. Her hair was done in a simple bun, decorated with a hairpiece resembling two silver wings.[18]

Revelation dress. This dress began with a low-cut, glossy purple dress decorated with swirling embroidery. Over this she wore soft, fluffy, dark blue, V-neck cloak, clasped with two beaded tassels. Down her shoulders and the side of her sleeves, there ran an intricately embroidered floral pattern. There were beaded tassels where this pattern met the neck, and her sleeves were loose. It was obvious she was not expecting company, as this dress did not well hide her pregnancy. Her hair was done in a simple style, with it curled along the side until it met in the back. It was held behind her head with a wide, embossed, silver band with three other, smaller bands at intervals down the length of her hair. Her headpiece consisted of four metal headbands sprouting from the thick of her twisted hair.[18]

[edit] Travel attire

Homecoming attire. Padmé wore this light blue outfit when she arrived to her home on Naboo with Anakin. The garment had two pieces, the top was of a crimped light blue fabric, decorated simply with silver trim and tiny shells, and a decorative knot in the center. The outfit was turtle-necked, and her sleeves were long. The bottom piece were a simple light blue skirt, cut wide to give her freedom of movement, clasped on her left side. She sometimes wore a decorative white cloak over this, which was decorated in a light blue abstract shape a little down from the collar. It was clasped with a carved ivory clasp. She wore her hair down in loose ringlets, held back by a simple light blue headband decorated with a diamond pattern.[6]

Villa retreat gown. The dress started at a pale yellow at her neck and moved through shades of pink and orange until at the hem at her ankles, where it reached lilac. The dress was gathered up at the waist with clasps made of tassels and pearl. This was then draped over her arms, where it was hemmed with a wide ribbon. The dress was held up by five layered pieces of metal resembling shells, with the top one reaching part way around her neck, tied off with a piece of ribbon. Similar pieces of metal adorned her upper arms. When wearing this, her hair resembled a conch shell, held in place by headbands inset by pearls.[6] The design of her gown reflected Padmé's love of water, and it was little wonder that it was the water that she discussed with Anakin while wearing it.[20]

Picnic dress. Padmé wore a light, summery dress in a shade of yellow to be romantic and show Padmé's fun side. The tan skirt of the dress was light, and decorated with tiny, white, stitchwork flowers and olive-colored leaves. Her corset was a golden shade of yellow, with brightly embroidered flowers, leaves, and scrollery. The full sleeves were tan, and were tied at the lower arm by brightly colored ribbons. Over this she wore a sheer, light cape with flowers similar to those on her corset, with scalloped edges done in bright yellow and green. The dress was ribbon-strapped, with single flowers capping off each one. Her hair was down except for two buns on the side of her head decorated with a yellow hair net. Her hair was tied behind her by ribbons similar to those on her sleeves, and she wore a green headband decorated with stitched-on flowers.[6]

Dinner gown. For dinner with Anakin, Padmé wore a black corset style dress with a black, metallic printed mermaid skirt accessorized by a long, drapey, beaded necklace that ended at her knees. For dinner, she wore a black feathery shawl which was removed afterwards. She also wore long, black, fingerless gloves. Her hair was done in a twisted braid[6] with a headband for decoration.[3]

Tatooine cloak and attire. On Tatooine, Padmé wore a very light blue midriff dress with silver embroidery. The top was wrapped around her, with wide, loose sleeves that became a cape behind her. The hem of the cape was decorated with silver motifs. The bottom was accessorized with a tightly-drawn, sash-like top at the waist that was decorated in the center with a silver beaded pendant, with a sash hanging from it. The pants were wide and loose. She wore two buns on the side of her head, with the rest of her hair handing down. She also wore an intricate, delicate metal headpiece. While traveling through Mos Espa, Padmé wore a full-length, large-cowled cloak. It was done in indigo material, with abstract embossed patterns dyed silver. It was clasped with a simple, curling clasp studded with beads. The dress kept her cool in the heat of Tatooine's twin suns, while the cloak disguised her further as an inconspicuous traveler, as well as protecting her from the suns' rays.[6]

Tatooine blue dress. Padmé wore a long, light blue, pleated under-dress that swept the floor, with an off-the-shoulder blue, star-shaped poncho over it. This poncho was decorated with bright embroidery in flower shapes on her sleeve with silver along the hem of the sleeve, and an intricate, circular pattern at the apex of the bottom of the poncho. Ribbons decorated with beads hung off the lower hem. Her hair was worn down while wearing this loose dress.[6]

Gala dress. This dress, similar to the Dinner gown, was a slinky, form-fitting dress with a low neckline. It was close-fitting until it reached her knees, where it fanned out. To accessorize, she wore silky black gloves that reached halfway up her upper arm. She also wore a gold neckband with several dangling beads. Her hair was pulled up into two buns on the sides of her head.[10]

Travel cloak. Similar to her Velvet cloak, this simple, nondescript mantle was blue and reached her feet. The long sleeves, though a little loose, were not wide, and it included a simple hood. Her hair was worn up in a twin-bun style, and her delicate headpiece was of gold, which went across her forehead along her hairline, at which it formed a diamond shape with a pink jewel at the upper point. The ends of the headpiece followed the curl of her buns, accenting it.[11]

Red gown. This magenta-colored gown was, though, comfortable, somewhat tight. It was long-sleeved, with a straight-cut skirt with two seams running down the front, creating a kind of panel. Over this, she wore a dark red cloak with hood that clasped at the neck with a gold clasp with a pink jewel inset. The cape part of the cloak was slit where her arms were, so that part of the cape fell in front of the arms; allowing her to hide them within it.[11]

Blue travel attire. This outfit was worn by Padmé on multiple occasions such as her during her return to Naboo during the Blue Shadow Virus Crisis as well as her voyage to Cato Neimoidia. This outfit consists of multiple pieces. The turtle-necked top has two layers of blue-shaded fabric that exposes her abdomen. The lower part of the outfit is composed of long light blue pants with a waist shawl clasped together with a heavily decorated clasp. The outfits also sports silver arm bands and an ornate headdress.[14]

Cato Neimoidian dinner gown. While on a mission on Cato Neimoidia, Padmé donned this dinner gown. An elegant dress, this purple and backless gown sported a long train at its end. Along with the gown, Padmé wore long, purple gloves. Her hair was pulled back and braided, ending with a silver hair clip. She also wore a silver pendant necklace.[21]

Mustafar attire. This was a simple outfit, suited more for action, which is exactly what she ended up walking into when she went after her husband to see if what Obi-Wan had told her about Anakin's dark deeds were true, though more to convince herself that they were not. She wore a simple tan shirt that reached her legs. The turned-up collar was clasped with a delicate piece of metal goldwork,[18] and, to help ease the back pain associated with pregnancy, she wore a harness bade of a brown material clasped in the middle with an intricate gold pendant. Also to help with her pregnancy, her boots included cushioned inserts.[3] She wore tan gloves that reached to her knuckles up her upper arm. To complete the outfit, she wore tight-fitting white pants with simple brown boots. Her hair was pulled back. This dress revealed her pregnant stomach clearly now that she would only be around Anakin—or so she thought.[18]

Birthing robe. Padmé was dressed in a simple white robe and her hair was down when put under the care of the Polis Massans.[18]

[edit] Nightwear

Coruscant sleeping gown. This simple long-sleeved white, drawstring-necked dress was worn after the attempt on Padmé's life via the bomb set on her starship.[6]

Sleeping gown and robe. When investigating the source of Anakin's discomfort, Padmé wore a simple V-necked white dress under a blue smocked robe with gold trim along the edges of the sleeves up to her neck. Her hair was completely down.[6]

Blue trimmed sleeping gown. This dress was more elaborate than most of Padmé's nightwear. the gown was white with wide, off-the-shoulder sleeves. The gown had a low back, and the sleeves' upper hems and the back hem was trimmed with a wide, blue, embroidered band which held the three pieces together. This band also looped up from the front of her gown and around her neck to hold it up. The gown went to her ankles, and her hair was worn down and slightly straightened.[22]

White peignoir. This simple white peignoir consisted of an off-the-shoulder dress with a white ribbon looping around her neck and wide sleeves not connected to the gown proper, held up by a semi-tight white ribbon at the top hem. A sash for decoration wrapped around her waist that made a V in the front, with the point reaching to the hem of the ankle-length gown. Her hair was worn down and straightened.[22]

Gold sleeping gown. This sleeping gown, like most of Padmé's, was white with a V-neck. The silky gown's neckline was hemmed with lace, and over it she wore a gold robe with wide sleeves. The robe reached to her ankles, and her hair was down and slightly straightened.[23]

Veranda peignoir. Padmé wore this as Anakin revealed his nightmare of her death to her. The glossy dress was of a light blue, near lavender. It was low-cut, held up by several ribbon straps. Out of an embossed metal pendant at the center of the top hem came forth six strings of pearls, three on each side, that wrapped around her arms. Several bright blue braids came out of the bottom of the pendant. The back of her gown was folded in a decorative fan-styled pattern, held in place by several silver clasps. Her hair was down except for a small hairclip. The gown was accessorized with the Japor snippet given to her by Anakin when they first met.[18]

Aqua peignoir. Padmé wore this simple aqua dress the night of the Raid on the Jedi Temple and Anakin's fall to the dark side. It was low-cut, held up by straps. The hems and straps were decorated with delicate embroidery,[18] and were studded with pearls and tiny shells, further carrying the theme of water, the element Padmé was so enamored with. The front of the gown was slit, revealing a glossy light blue fabric beneath it, and a simple cape flowed off her back. She wore aqua-colored gloves that started at her wrist up to her upper arm, the bottom of which was also decorated with embroidery, shells, and pearls.[20] She wore her hair down, held back by a delicate headband studded with aqua-colored beads.[18]

[edit] Formal attire

Wedding dress. For her wedding at Varykino, Padmé wore a beautiful and intricate dress made of lace and beads with a lace veil. The dress was long and flowing, touching the floor. The dress was white, with intricate, off-white scrollery done in ribbon throughout. The sleeve reached to her elbows, and was hemmed with scalloped lace. Her arms were decorated with scrollery. The headpiece was made of lace, with a band decorated with swirl scrollery. The headdress hung down to her mid back, and pearls studded the entire dress. She wore her hair down as she bound her decision to pursue her love rather than deny it.

Funeral gown. This simple dress was done in a light, pleated, aqua blue fabric under a cloak of an iridescent darker blue cloak studded with pearls. Padmé was seen as though she was floating in water, the element she was so connected with. The colors of the dress, with her hair gently fanned out, and her body surrounded by fresh flowers and leaves evoked the symbol of her soul returning to the lake at which she and Anakin were wed and first expressed their love. Her pregnancy was clearly visible, in order to protect the twins from discovery by making it appear as if they had died within her, before being born. In her hands she clasped the Japor Snippet given to her by Anakin when they first met as she was slowly led away to her final resting place.

[edit] Behind the scenes

"All I have to say is that [throughout the prequels, Natalie Portman] walks through a doorway, and has a wardrobe change. I got one, sorry, two dresses [in the first film], and the first one [looks] the same all the way around."
―Carrie Fisher

The costumes designed for Padmé in The Phantom Menace were widely admired, and were featured in a Vogue magazine spread. The intricate costumes also served an important plot function, as they allow Padmé's handmaidens to impersonate her behind voluminous robes and white makeup.

Several words used to describe her costumes as Queen of Naboo were coined by archaeologist Dr. David Reynolds, to imbue the costumes with a sense of imaginative history. Concept art for Padmé's Funeral gownPadmé's costumes inspired two paper doll books, the Star Wars: Episode I - Queen Amidala Paper Doll Book and the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - Padmé Amidala Paper Doll Book.

Several of her costumes resemble or may have meaning in other cultures. The Senate gown is derived from a Mongolian bride costume, the Foreign residence gown is similar to a Victorian mourning dress, and the Palpatine's quarter's gown resembles a Japanese kimono.

The Parade gown includes an aurate fan which resembles the starched collars worn by England's Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the framing fans worn by characters in the Dune miniseries. However, it is important to note that the Dune miniseries came out a year after The Phantom Menace.

There were over 250 individual petals on the Parade gown's cape.

The dinner dress was the only costume of Padmé's that was designed by George Lucas himself.

The robe of the Nightgown worn on Naboo was made by hand-smocking more than twenty yards of panne velvet, a process that took more than a month to complete before they could begin making the dress.

This Peacock dress, though used for the official Revenge of the Sith theatrical poster and on the soundtrack, was never seen in the film. The peacock idea was to show that Padmé was in disguise concerning her pregnancy.

The Wedding dress has been compared to that of the late Queen Mother's in the UK. She wore a dress almost identical to it at her own wedding to the then Duke of York.

The Wedding dress was mostly made from an antique lace bedspread from the late Edwardian period. Because there wasn't enough material to make the preconceived design, they altered the pattern to make it fit. The veil was made of Maltese lace and the headdress was decorated with Edwardian wax flowers with beaded pearls. To further decorate the dress, the costume designers made over three hundred yards of French-knit braid for the Cornely scrollwork found throughout the dress. It was then studded with pearls. Interestingly, when shooting the wedding scene in Italy, production supervisor Guido Cerasuolo exclaimed "Ah, Italian lace!" upon seeing the outfit.

The Peacock dress's name may have been used because of the belief that peacocks bring bad luck, a hint to Padmé's destiny.

Padmé's funeral scene has been compared to the idea of the Lady of Shalott.

A Long time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....Padme's Hairstyles!

All Padme's hairstyles and hair pieces contridict with whatever she was wearing at the time.

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